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We share our adventures in the field and advocacy for hunters' rights.

25 Year Wait

Shiras Moose hunting is restricted to just a few Western states, and the idea of actually drawing such a coveted tag can be overwhelming to say the least. The “secret” to drawing a tag of a... Read more »
by Bob Lott | April 8, 2013

Solitude Toms

Turkey hunting has been a passion for many Eastern hunters for decades, but its popularity in the West has been stunted, in my opinion, by a complete misunderstanding of how much fun it can actually be.... Read more »
by Bob Lott | April 8, 2013

Spring Thunder

Traveling all across this country allows me to meet a lot of very unique individuals. This week's episode of Intrepid Outdoors is all about one of those people. While attending the 2012 NWTF convention... Read more »
by Bob Lott | April 8, 2013

Public Land Adventures

During a time of school shootings, threats to the Second Amendment and weapon bans, many would believe that exposing children to guns is a lethal combination. It is these "moral standards" that could seriously... Read more »
by Wade McMillin | April 8, 2013

Old West Turkey Invitational

I ran into Craig Showalter at the Hulett Motel one day some 3-3 1/2 years ago; he mentioned he was in town to discuss with some local businessmen about the possibility of starting some sort of a turkey... Read more »
by Mike Schmid | April 8, 2013

Hunting for a Better Education

I discovered a whole new respect for outdoors cameramen last spring while attempting to capture a kill on film for the first time.Not only was this mid-spring turkey hunt the first hunt I had been a part... Read more »
by Wade McMillin | April 8, 2013

Hunting a Giant

For my entire life, I have been addicted to hunting. Whether I was chasing small game, birds, big game, it really didn't matter what the quarry was, as long as I was out with my Dad in the high country.... Read more »
by Zachary Key | April 8, 2013

Calling All Bucks

When I began bowhunting whitetails I was on such an incredible learning curve that each day in the field was like an avalanche of failures. Luckily, I'm definitely a glass-half-full kind of guy, so no... Read more »
by Bob Lott | January 10, 2012

Opening Day Giant

October 1, 2009 was the hammer day of my best mule deer buck I've ever harvested. Just before the opener I called my good friend Steven Burnett whom I used to work for and had grown up with in Kemmerer,... Read more »
by Zachary Key | December 2, 2011

Pronghorn Antelope Quick Facts

Pronghorn, or antelope as many folks call them, are the one of America's most majestic big game animals, but few people know much about them. This is unfortunate because they are more amazing than most... Read more »
by Zachary Key | December 1, 2011


Predator Camo: High Plains

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