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Mike Schmid | Executive Producer & Co-Host

Mike Schmid

Executive Producer & Co-Host

Mike Schmid is a life-long outdoorsman, conservationist and Executive Producer / Co-Host of the Intrepid Outdoors television series.


He owns and operates an oil and natural gas well servicing business in La Barge, Wyoming, with over 30 years of experience in oilfield services managing roustabout crews; constructing well field roads; managing trucks, equipment and hundreds of employees; and administering complex, multi-million dollar projects.


After many years of working for oilfield-related companies, Mike founded Schmid Oilfield Services in 1984. This successful company was sold to First Energy Services in June 2000. He remained with the company, serving as the President and COO, and managing 400 employees and equipment throughout the Rocky Mountain region and Alaska. Mike later founded SOS Well Services, a workover rig company. In 2006, Mike started to dramatically expand SOS Well Services, thus creating the multi-million dollar operation that exists today.


Mike also owns a cattle ranch and outfitting business in the Black Hills known as Solitude Ranch. This area of Wyoming is abundant with Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and has an incredible number of Whitetail Deer and Turkey. Mike's career in the energy business along with his passion for the wilderness has provided him with years of experience and first-hand knowledge of how the two can coexist. He sincerely believes viewers are most interested in the real hunt, set in real conditions, whether or not the outcome is successful. Mike is interested in capturing the true emotions of the hunter with over-the-shoulder action video footage that provides viewers with the most accurate experience possible. His vision for the show also includes teaching our kids responsible hunting and the importance of understanding the current debate over using public lands.


Join Mike and his team for an incredible season of REAL-WORLD hunting on Intrepid Outdoors.


Predator Camo: High Plains

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