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Intrepid Kidz
Intrepid Kidz

Intrepid Outdoors is committed to promoting the sport of hunting to the younger generations. Not only is hunting an ideal way to build character, respect and responsibility, it is also critical to grow our numbers for the survival of this all-American pastime.


In addition to reconnecting kids with the joy of being outdoors, the show provides examples of a fun, safe environment for participating in shooting sports as well as the bonding and camaraderie that come from hunting as a family.

Video Playlist

  • INTREPID KIDZ: Jordyn's Muley (Intrepid Outdoors)

  • Intrepid Kidz: RJ's First Archery Kill

  • Intrepid Kidz: Andrew's Doe

  • Intrepid Kidz: Schmid Grandchildren

  • Intrepid Kidz: Logan's Journey

  • Intrepid Kidz: Keaton's Buck

  • My First Whitetail

  • Once in a Lifetime

  • Intrepid Kidz: Noah's Turkey


Predator Camo: High Plains

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