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Finding the Best Waterfowl Waders For Hunting

As any avid fowl hunter will know, a good pair of waders is a must if the experience is to be a good one. Below, we look at what makes for a good pair of waders, as well as taking a closer look at some of the best waders out there available to you. What Makes a Good Set of ...

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The Best Tactical Wallet Reviews of 2017

The wallet is one of the fundamental symbols of daily life, business and leisure in the 21st century, yet this hard working little pocket companion rarely gets the attention it deserves. Below, we look at the best balance of practicality, form, and function if you’re in the market for a good tactical wallet. Why Worry About a Wallet? Besides practicality ...

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Best Tactical Pen Reviews of 2017

If there’s one thing you probably haven’t thought about needing much, it’s likely a tactical pen. While skeptics amongst us maintain that a $10 Parker jotter would do the same thing, there are those who swear by the unexpected usefulness and simplicity of the tactical pen. Below, we look at six of the best as well as the reasons you ...

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The Best Stun Gun Flashlights of 2017

If you run or walk dogs late at night, you’d probably like to feel a little safer. A good flashlight will help ensure you are never left stranded and vulnerable. Combining it with a stun-gun will bring your great personal protection and ensure any potential assailant regrets their actions. Below, we look at some of the best stun gun/flashlight combinations ...

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