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Challenge of the Hunt
Challenge of the Hunt

Intrepid Outdoors is the first show focused on preserving the rights of hunters to access, enjoy and hunt our public lands.


We protect those rights by showcasing the challenge of the hunt, the beauty of nature and friendships developed in our sport. We are passionate about filming real-life, fair-chase hunting adventures on America's public lands.  It's the way our viewers hunt, and the reason they watch the show. Our goal is to demonstrate that there are realistic avenues available to pursue the animals you've dreamed of hunting your whole life.


Intrepid Outdoors encourages you to do your research, put your skills to the test and have a great time on the many millions of acres of public land this country has to offer. And... as you know, when your efforts are successful, there isn't a greater reward.


As always, if you have any questions about how to get started on your own hunting trip, please feel free to drop us an email.

Video Playlist

  • Public Land Bulls

  • The Conquest of the Solitude

  • 2012 Old West One Shot Turkey Invitational

  • Devils Tower Bucks

  • Six Feather Utah Mule Deer

  • Spring Thunder (Intrepid Outdoors)

  • Deadly Tubers (Whitetail Institute) Intrepid Outdoors TV

  • Intrepid Outdoors / 2012 Old West One Shot Turkey Invitational

  • Intrepid outdoors / Major League Whitetails (MLB's Lance Parrish & Kevin Gross)

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Predator and Prey

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Kansas Kings

  • Intrepid outdoors / Shiras Moose for two

  • Intrepid Outdoors / 2011 Iowa Mentored Outdoor Experience

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Adam Hays Midwest Whitetails

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Kevin Gross South Dakota Slam

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Missouri and Kansas Whitetail

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Alaska Sitka Blacktail Hunt

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Behind the Scenes Shooters

  • Intrepid Outdoors / Wyoming Bison

  • Alaska Bear, Part 1

  • Alaska Bear, Part 2

  • Adam's Gobbler

  • Wyoming Whitetail

  • Adam Hays Wyoming Whitetail Archery Hunt (Intrepid Outdoors)

  • Invitational Turkey Shoot


Predator Camo: High Plains

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